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The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Influencer Career, From a Media Expert

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Doesn't it seem like the Influencer market is saturated, and that it's too late to try to get in the game? According to Leah Frazier, that is just a myth, and the time to start on your Influencer journey is NOW.

We picked Leah's brain on all things Influencer marketing while she was on the show, because Leah Frazier is the real deal! Leah is a 2-Time Emmy Award-Winning entrepreneur and was recognized as one of Dallas' most successful women for 2015. She is a multi-licensed attorney turned fashion and marketing guru, who unapologetically left the practice of law to pursue her fashion ventures. In 2020, Leah was recognized by Dallas Innovates as one of the Future 50 Leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth for tech, innovation and disruption.

Leah has built a multi-faceted empire as an award-winning fashion journalist, media personality, celebrity stylist, digital marketing expert, and in-demand fashion consultant to notable brands. She has been honored as one of the best wardrobe stylists in Dallas, and recently led the styling initiatives for the Emmy and 5-TimeAddy Award-Winning #IAMUP campaign for WFAA Channel 8.

We got the most interesting pieces of advice that she swears by, and if you want to be an influencer- then you need to follow Leah's guidelines.

- Before anything, spend a lot of time figuring out your brand. Remember being an influencer is a business. You have to figure out what makes you unique/different/sets you apart. Branding is so important and that is the first thing you have to do before you do anything else. Leah suggests a book to assist, it's called Branding Pays

- Focus on 2-3 social media platforms and get really, really good at them. There's a ton of ways to market your brand out there, but in the beginning, when it's just you and you have to post on multiple platforms, it can be too much and too overwhelming. Get good at a couple of platforms and focus on where your audience is. This way your marketing efforts will be manageable!

- Be patient and consistent. People want this microwaveable super-star life, and it just doesn't work that way. Being an influencer is a business, which means it is like a roller coaster ride. Some days will be amazing and you'll be flying high, other days will be terrible and you'll feel like a failure. Prepare yourself for the wave- but be consistent and wake up every single day, ready to serve.

- Don't get paralyzed by fear. This is a biggie. Leah made us laugh because it's true and we have all been there. She said don't overdo the courses, webinars, newsletters, conventions, books, etc. because it is information overload and you will never be prepared enough. You have to stop "learning" at some point, and just do the damn thing!

- Stop comparing yourself to others. We discussed this a lot, and not just on this podcast! This is a big issue with women and it needs to stop. You need to focus on what you are good at, what you have to offer, and go from there. Do not start to look over at what everybody else is doing, because it can affect you negatively and impact your journey.

Leah has so many amazing resources on her website, she's an inspiration and you definitely need to check her out for more on influencer marketing and business, here.

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