• Elena Duque

Mom Guilt Is Real AF, Here's How You Can Beat It

Ugh mom guilt. It's a thing. Every single mom has felt it at some point. Some moms more than others. Guilt in general is a nasty little MF of a feeling, so when you feel it as a MOM it's times a million. I find that I'm ok until I lay my head on my pillow at night, and then I start to go through the day, and I start to go through everything I did wrong as a mom. It's an unhealthy, negative habit, which I intend to break!

We had Elisabeth Allen on the podcast. She is the host of Bottomless MOMosa Podcast, which is a working motherhood podcast where you can CONNECT with like minded working moms while enhancing your personal GROWTH one virtual mom BRUNCH at a time! I knew we had to have her on because there is so much to discuss within this topic. We discuss being a full-time working mom with a side hustle, how we think mom guilt is BS, and, the benefits of self growth habits such as journaling, affirmations, and gratitudes. You can listen to the episode here. Elisabeth shares her tips on how to beat mom guilt. We also talk about how Facebook moms groups can be toxic, and the importance of trusting yourself when it comes to making decisions for you and your family- not trusting some rando mom on Facebook! All that and more, with laughs and fbombs of course.

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