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Become A Bad Ass Boss Babe With These Expert Tips From Angelique Velez

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We had Angelique on the show, and she is the epitome of a boss babe. She’s a mom, founder of Breakups to Makeup accessory and apparel line, podcaster, makeup artist, and now has a new virtual course called my makeup mastermind. Listen to the episode for more info here.

We know you must have loved her tips, so we wrote them down here for you to save and share!

1. Ideas & Brain Dumping: Most entrepreneurs are bombarded with an influx of ideas running through their brains on a daily basis. Don’t worry, this is totally normal! Angelique likes to write them all down in a journal, it’s what she calls a “brain dump”, and we’re here for it. She said that if there’s one idea that persists and just won’t quit, then THAT’S the one you should probably explore! As for the rest, just continue to dump them out and you may find a winner in there, or not. Either way it’s a great way to declutter your mind.

2. Plan EVERYTHING: Angelique plans her day down to a T. She even schedules in texting! She said this has helped her stay on track, and keep up with everything from her business to her personal life. From dinners to play dates, planning will keep you going with the flow!

3. Believe in Yourself: We have heard it so many times, but it’s the truth. Take the time to think about yourself, compliment yourself, and believe In not only yourself, but what you’re doing. You are your biggest cheerleader and you need to believe in order to succeed.

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