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3 Tips To A Better Bra Fit

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We had Jene Luciani on our show and she is the Guru of bras & intimate wear. This episode is a must-see because it's filled with real advice, and truly makes you think about your relationship with bras, and bra shopping. We had a lot of laughs, and also learned that Elena is a pig and doesn't wash her bras.

Here are Jene's top tips- use these the next time you go bra shopping!

  1. Give yourself a fitting, and KNOW YOUR SIZE GIRL! Go into your bra shopping experience with an open mind, because you aren't going to fit your size with every brand.

  2. Take into consideration your body, budget, and lifestyle. Purchase a bra based on what you NEED not on what you want. If you're a busy stay at home mom chasing a toddler all day, maybe a lace demi cup is not the answer. Have a budget, and stay within that budget. There are tons of options in every price range.

  3. Take care of your bras! Wash after every wear, on a gentle cycle, and use a netted bag. Hang to dry- never put your bra in the dryer!

BONUS TIP: Re-adjust your bra straps every time you go to put it on. Your bra straps move constantly between wear and also in the wash, so make sure to tighten them for the best fit.

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