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3 Steps To Start Your Music Career Now

We had Elena's sister, Natalie Duque on, and she is such a talented singer-songwriter! Natalie has been on the music scene since she was a child, and has had her songs in music videos, television shows, and she even sang for the trailers of The Purge movies.

Natalie lives in Los Angeles, and she's a mom, and like most moms, Natalie had to juggle a career and motherhood. Here are 3 tips that she shared on the show with anyone who is struggling to get their music career started.

  1. Just Do It! Yeah, we know it sounds cliche, but hear her out. Shit doesn't happen by sitting around. You may have the best song, but if you aren't putting yourself out there, nobody is going to hear it. You have to be willing to accept failure. You have to email hundreds if not thousands of journalists, media outlets, etc. if you want to get seen and be heard. Keep doing it and you WILL get a result.

  2. Collaborations are Key! Don't be afraid to open those doors, work with other musicians, and sharing your music aka your baby with others.Nobody is going to steal your song, and get your foot in the door.

  3. Set A Schedule & Small Goals! Set aside a specific time every day for songwriting. Don't wait for inspiration to hit because it may not. As an example, Natalie's goal is to write a song a week, and she breaks it down by writing a little bit daily. You have to push through even if you aren't feeling motivated. This will help you to continue to hone your craft.

To find out more about Natalie and listen to her tunes, check her out here.

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